Semillas is a Spanish word meaning seeds.

Seeds possess a strength and indefatigability that allows them to grow in even the most unlikely of places, despite their small size and seeming fragility. They also symbolize life; both the beginning and end. We begin as seeds, and we depart this world leaving that which we have planted. It is the seeds that we plant that leave the harvest for the future.

The inception of Semillas Publishing as a concept, was rooted in my mother's heart long before it was in mine. Despite my childhood being one of poverty—filled with many travails, my mother planted the seed of literacy as not only a mere pastime, but as a means for hope and as a tool for survival. Doing the same for others has now become one of my life's purposes.

I am a fiercely loving and protective mother, proud Latina, advocate, and disabled veteran. Many things have contributed to making me who I am today, but these, by far, are what propel me to live each day with indelible purpose.

I am unapologetic in my pursuit to provide a literary platform for people that are often marginalized in society. History books have often taught us that when we rely on others to tell our stories, we make way for misrepresentations and falsehoods to be spun. Tell your story. The time is now.

- Ruby Edlyn Duffau, Founder and Publisher of Semillas Publishing