The Vital Significance of Writing What You Feel

Article by: Ruby E. Duffau


Journaling is the term used to describe the often-daily penning of one’s thoughts, feelings, and reflections. And by that, I don’t mean the daily digital pennings on social media where people are reporting such things as their indignation with the Starbucks barista who so cavalierly screwed up their very specific order of a grande iced, “half caff”, ristretto, sugar free, cinnamon, dolce soy skinny latte. I think Skyler needs to loosen up his man bun, as there are far much more justifiably upsetting things in the world to write about.

As a rather introverted person, I often find it taxing and damn-near-impossible to express myself verbally, much less with actual living, breathing people. And, no—I don’t go driving around in an unmarked van, asking unwitting frail women to help me load furniture into it. I merely find “peopling” exhausting at times. I’ve found that many of my friends are the same way. Perhaps, that’s why we’ve been able to stay friends for so long, but I digress.  

Journaling can be a way of truly releasing all the pent-up thoughts and emotions that can be debilitating after time if kept bound and unarticulated. With journaling, the only audience privy to this information is your future you. That is therapeutic in and of itself, as it serves as a way to reflect on past experiences and chart your growth as an individual; sans fear of judgment or critiques.

I have kept all my journals since adolescence, and I have found that at different stages of my life, the things that once seemed so concrete and absolute with regard to feelings and beliefs, actually weren’t so immutable after all. Belief systems and feelings have changed, and frankly, so have I. Journaling has charted and historically documented the beautiful metamorphosis. 


Ruby Duffau is an Air Force veteran, mother, entrepreneur, and writer. The Rostrum is her blog, which features articles/posts regarding life and its constituents through the lens of her own experiences. She is also the founder and CEO of Semillas Publishing, LLC. 

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